During the drive home from picking up Henry, my mom thought he had had an accident in the car. Totally understandable since he was only 2 months old, but that wasn’t the case. The poor little puppy was drooling up a storm and with no towels, we were totally unprepared! A dog car seat should have been one of the first items we purchased for him and we were a little late to that party!Dog car seat

Animal Anxiety and Motion Sickness in the Car

So after we had reached home, Henry got a little sick to his stomach. We have only had one dog before, a poodle named Georgio, but he never drooled like that. Mom called the vet so we could take him in.

Nothing turned out to be wrong, thank goodness, but the Doc mentioned possible anxiety and motion sickness. Never thought of that! Never heard that dogs can suffer from that the same as humans do. She made several recommendations, including over the counter medications and supplements. The non-medicinal option that stuck out to mom though was a car seat made for the smaller dogs.

The search began to find the proper one for Henry.

Finding the Right Seat

Mom searched several places to find the right seat at the right price. She visited local pet stores, but everything she found was very expensive. She first chose a soft sided duffle bag with mesh that his head can stick out of. She used this for the first couple months, but the drooling continued.

Dog car seatEventually, she found what she was looking for. It hangs from the front and back seat headrests and was both affordable and easy to put in the car. It lifts small dogs up slightly so they can see outside and has reinforced floor, so the dog will feel secure. It hit all the check marks on mom’s list.

Collar vs. Harness

Mom first set Henry up in his new seat with his collar. He sat up straight as a pole, looking totally uncomfortable. Poor baby. With using the collar, there isn’t enough slack to allow him to move around.

Mom then tried the harness. We took an hour car ride to my brother’s house and he did much better. He still drooled, but seemed way more comfy. That day he got to play with other dogs, so he adjusted just fine. He was wiped out later though and took a long nap when he got home!

We still bring towels in the car, but he has not been sick to his stomach recently.

Safety Features

Of course car accidents happen and sometimes there are injuries. We want situations safer for your friend! Since the number of car accidents are increasing, it’s good to take necessary precautions.

I would suggest, if it’s your first time buying these items (harness & car seat), please visit a local pet store with your new family member. See if the packaging has sizing by your pets weight. Also, be sure to ask for help! Just speaking from experience.

I know this goes without saying, but please also ask before opening packaging and trying the harnesses on your pet! But please keep in mind, if you don’t find what you are looking for, once you have the size, you can always look online.


I would recommend reviewing all of your options. Not all pets have trouble with car rides, but it happens. When you pick out a car seat, please be mindful of the size, type and location of where you will be placing it. I would also recommend being mindful of whether you will need a collar or harness. We definitely would want our friends to be comfortable in an uncomfortable situation.

  1. aw poor Henry. I didn’t know dogs suffered anxiety and that they had their own car seats. I’m so glad that someone created a car seat for pets, i don’t have pets but i felt so sad reading about Henry, and I’m so glad he’s okay. He’s such a cutie

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