Hey everyone! So Henry’s FAVORITE cuddle toy is his alligator, one of the Kong Cozie dog toys. Mom got it for him when we first brought him home. He has slept with his “baby” every night for the last 14 months and it is still in one piece! Did I mention yet Henry is a chewer?

Quality and Care

The King Cozie dog toys are spectacularly made. They are soft and cuddly, but fairly durable. Many a toy he has brought to me that was soaking wet! Gross! It is machine washable, thank goodness. Henry’s got a little chewing problem.

The toys can vary in sizes ranging from small to large, depending on the size of your friend. They are priced from $4 to around $18 and Henry’s alligator is only one of the ten characters that are available. His was about $6 and totally worth it!


So, growing up Mom and I only had one dog, a poodle named Georgio. I don’t remember him being destructive with his toys. He was just stubborn but so loving with Mom. Henry though is a character all of his own.

Did I mention the chewing yet? We’ve gotten him a number of toys and he can tear them apart in 5 minutes flat! When Henry gets fired up, he’ll take his toy and shake it so hard, he can knock you around. He does it with his alligator, but it’s still kicking.

Anyways, they are brilliantly constructed with a second layer of fabric to make them last just a bit longer. They are made with a combination of cotton, wool and silk to ensure that fantastic softness. It has minimal stuffing and a single squeaker inside. No additional squeakers are included in this purchase.


Of course, nothing is perfect, right? Now, I know nothing is indestructible, but come on! I think I should be in the dog toy business!

Both my husband and my mom went shopping separately on the same day. They both picked up the same toy (not a Kong), thinking it seemed great quality. Weird right? But, guess what? Mom got home first, gave it to Henry and it was destroyed shortly thereafter. Fred got home, same thing…same result.

Now, Kong doesn’t market this toy as a chewing toy, as it says right on the tag. So, I would keep an eye on your friend just in case. Of course this goes without saying, but the stuffing can be hazardous to you pet’s health.

Though the alligator has lasted a long time, the squeaker no longer works. But, you know, I haven’t met a squeaker that has lived after Henry has gotten a hold of it.

Happy Dog, Happy Life

So, during the day we gate up the living room so the cats can have a little time away from Henry. He also likes to dine on litter delicacies too, so we try to keep him away. But when we get home and let him loose, he runs right to the back and gets his alligator. Then when mom takes him to bed, she makes sure and grabs it. Henry has not spent a night without it, not really sure how that would go. Happy dog… Happy life…Happy sleep.


I would totally recommend this toy for new puppies looking for comfort, but as a chewing toy? Maybe not so much. Some dogs may not be destructive like Henry, so they may do well with this toy. But did I happen to mention his chewing? I am totally impressed with this toy and would definitely recommend it!

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